Urban campsite Amsterdam 2017

2017 - 2017

The urban campsite, organised by Francis Nijenhuis and Annette van Driel was the third urban campsite in a row. DS is the designer of the landscapes in which strange pieces of art find a place. This year we had a derelict parcel in Science Park Watergraafsmeer. It was rough and beautiful, as rough as adjacent “Anna’s tuin en ruigte”, but too wet to camp on. We deceided to heighten it up with 1,5 meters of sand, topped it off with a thin layer of compost and seeded it with wild flowers. It was eaten by the birds, blown away in the strong winds of spring, dried out in the sun. The cannabis survived the best. Nature is unpedictable but the result was alright.

The project is constructed with the assistance of the students of Wellantcollege Rijswijk and Urban Green Development Amsterdam.