Building with Nature perspectives


A new publication about Building with nature is published by Rius (Research in Urbanism Series), TU Delft. This publication offers an overview of the latest cross-disciplinary developments in the field of Building with Nature for the protection of coastal regions.

The Ecology chapter discusses the correlation between Building with Nature, ecological and anthropological regeneration. It not only offers engineering solutions, but also reintroduces natural processes back into the delta, creating buffer zones that restore the valuable ecosystems between water and land. This gives potential to redevelop a powerful estuary landscape with flexible transition zones between land and water for multifunctional flood protection, for nature and humans, generating new forms of amphibious living and an alternative agriculture. Cook discusses the fundaments of the ecological approach by the work of E. Odum. It stresses the importance of understanding the ‘nature’ of the system before intervention; including the anthropological perspective. Maike van Stiphout illustrates how nature is employed for biodiversity in inhabited landscapes, adding multiple values, beauty and stewardship.

link publicatie: Building with Nature perspectives, J. van Bergen e.a.

link artikel: Building with nature in landscape practice, Maike van Stiphout